Everglades’ cabin models offer lavish functionality unmatched by any other manufacturer in the industry. The fully equipped vessels will satisfy even the most serious angler while simultaneously maintaining every comfort of home. Fish all day and relax all night – you won’t need to head back to shore any time soon.

320 – EX

Everglades’ 320EX – your home away from land. Take a weekend off to fish and spend time with your friends and family aboard the comfortable cabin cruiser.

350 – EX

Blend your two loves – fishing and family. Take some time off from the hustle of everyday life and hit the water for an extended fishing trip with family and friends aboard Everglades’ 350EX.

350 – LX

Everglades’ 350LX sleeps up to six without sacrificing living space below deck. Features such as a head with shower and well-equipped galley, electric grill and air conditioning make this an ideal family fishing cruiser.

360 – LXC

Introducing the 360LXC, our newest model addition to the Everglades fleet. The 360LXC is our official luxury cruising model, and your home away from home.


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